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Bright Idea Biz Challenge- with Audette Catalyst Studios

This Challenge is designed with small biz owners with too many ideas in mind. 

Boy do I know how it feels to be rich in dazzling options & underwhelmed by my focus or follow-through.
This being a key theme for me has forced me to develop some tools that help get me 
go from distracted overthinking into productive action.
I share some of these tools in this 3 day mini transformational workshop masquerading as a challenge. 🙂
The tools & distinctions in it you can use again & again to lift you out of analysis paralysis & scattered overwhelm. 

We Serve Biz Owners with Big Hearts + Goals
Audette 2020 Art Bio Self Portrait

Well Hello... I am Audette...

A Creative Content Strategist & Brand Stylist. 

     I am very multi-faceted & have done a Lot of creative dabbling & shiny idea chasing,  yet somehow managed to weave many threads together into an eclectic artistic career & 2 successful thriving businesses. 

So now it is my passion to support other scattered ambitious creators to forge beautiful vibrant brands & grow them to legacy level. 

I own Catalyst Arts- a dynamic entertainment company in California with countless costumes, top notch talent & bringing fabulousness to hundreds of events a year. It has been a joy to grow it & watch it flourish. 

I am a weird fusion of whimsy + strategy. Like a fairy godmother CEO. 
I body paint & collage & dive down all the visual rabbit holes but I also geek-out on biz books, tech & tactics.  

I get to funnel this geeky artistic full-spectrum-ness into my brands

& projects & want to help you do the same! 
Funnel your brilliance into a cohesive & transformative core program & have a potent elegant content strategy that attracts & amplifies. 

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