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Creative Salon & Media Studio in Berkeley

Catalyst Studios is a multi-use 2 room Creative Studio that hosts photo/video shoots,
Body Art Jams, & biz strategy trainings for Creators. 

It is located behind Gilman Grill in the Tannery Complex at 4th & Gilman st. Berkeley 

Rent our Photo Studio for your Shoot

We rent out our Photo Studio for all kinds of Photo Shoot Needs such as:
Branding Photos, Headshots, Artistic shoots, Body Paint shoots, Video shoots & Interviews

If you book direct with us pricing starts at $100 for a 2 hour shoot utilizing both rooms.

Click here to see our Peerspace 

For APRIL I am opening up 3 slots each weekend for Free/Trade based Shoots. 

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Body Art Salon & Creative Workshop Space 

The adjacent room to the office/photo studio is our Salon space which is where we host our Workshops & small events.

 It is also a fantastic place for Makeup Artists & Body Artists to see clients & shoot their Tutorial Videos.

CONTACT AUDETTE If Interested in a Tutorial Shoot or JOIN the LIST to hear about Workshops & Happenings 

Attend one of our Creative LAB Events  

Skin Art Lab at Catalyst Studios
Media Colab at Catalyst Studios
Berkeley photo studio available
Seeking Videographer in Berkeley

There are 2 Opportunities to get involved as a RESIDENT CREATIVE at Catalyst Studios.

Summer 2019 we have a Private Office Space Available to rent... & we are exploring the possibility of having a Videographer or team move in there with the option to TRADE their services for part of their Rent (as well as use the photo studio next door when desired) 

Our Photo studio is also looking for a local photographer to Claim A DAY or 2 a week & you can see clients here as well as use the desk & monitor for editing work.

If your interested in either of these opportunities then include the following:
- Name & Cell
- About your biz & specialties (with links)
- What your looking for
- Questions or budget if there is a clear cap

& EMAIL to Audette