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Weekly Motivational Art
Partial Access to Resource Library
Essential version of the C.B. Mentor Interview
2 Printables a month-from Catalyst Cards & BO$S Bundle


All the Free Benefits Plus:
1 Group Coaching Call a month
Weekly Office Hours Access including Templates
Full Mentor Interview
New Boss Bundles 2x a month delivered monthly



All the Core Benefits Plus:
1 on 1 Catalyst Session
Monthly BO$S Kit in the Mail!

what is included in creative boss club

What I want for your is Health with a capital H (which means your body, mind, heart and spirit)

Creativity with a capital C (meaning you can create Anything your heart desires for yourself, others, and the world. There is no ceiling or limit to what you can dream and manifest with your creative powers)

Success with a capital (meaning on your terms and doing so well that your cup overfloweth and your able to make a difference in the ways that matter to you)

Consistent growth and deeper alignment with your purpose and your day to day At the Heart of this Program is an orientation and commitment to Growth. Growing yourself personally and creatively. Growing your gifts and offerings into a thriving org/biz/brand. If you want to be Committed to your GROWTH as a human and as a creator-- then I want to help you.

If you want to Level Up your Game (inner game and outer strategy) then I want to help you. If you are ready to be done making Excuses and ready to rally all your forces to making Powerful Art and Positive Impact-- then I want to help you.